Now You Can Take Your Tunes To Work.  A convenient quality portable stereo for easy "Plug & Play" tunes.
Postal Truck Radio
If you are operating one of these you know they do not come equipped with a factory radio.  Now with the help of Portable Tunes you can have a removal stereo in your LLV.  Plug into the lighter and you have tunes to help pass the day away.  Stay on top of the latest news, traffic information as well as NOAA weather alerts/  Know if there is a tornado warning just by listening to your tunes as you do your job.
Sold with a metal bracket to hook to the vehicles dash lip.  Powered thru the vehicles lighter circuit.  Removal at the end of the day if you desire and take it home.
PT 1
PT1 2
PT1 3
PT1 4
PT1 5
PT1 6
Complete postal truck radio
Bodies were manufactured by Grumman, chassis by General Motors
General Features

4in 30watt speakers
Cigar lighter hook-up
Carry Strap
Bullet Proof ABS Enclosed Casing
Weight 5lbs 2 oz
W10" L9" H4"
15" rubber duckie antennaPTUNES1 SPECSRadio Specifications:
Radio Specs

AM/FM Weather Band Radio with Aux Input
Digital Tune and Seek
Front AUX Input 3.5mm
18FM/12AM/6WB Presets
50 Watts Power Output
$ 319.00
PTUNES1 was built with the postal truck in mind.  A design that takes up very little room and operates without the use of batteries.  Simple to operate and loud enough to operate over the sometimes noisy LLV.  PTUNES1 LLV is just that.